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Anglican Funds Grafton Diocese has ceased operations and is no longer accepting applications for deposits or loans. For more information, click here.


About Anglican Funds Grafton Diocese

In 1981 the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton passed a motion to establish the Grafton Diocese Investment Fund (GDIF).  

The aim of GDIF was to provide the Anglican Community within the Diocese of Grafton with greater investment opportunities and to assist Parishes, Ministry Units and Anglican Affiliates with development and growth.

In November 2012 changes were made including a name change to Anglican Funds Grafton Diocese (AFGD) that delivered an increased level of professionalism and support.  

A significant investment was made in new software that provided our customers with a stable, robust and more professional banking and finance platform.

The rebranding, the investment in new systems and the restructuring was undertaken to re-establish the organisation as a market focused and trusted financial services provider of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton. 

Our commitment and point of differentiation is to continue to work closely with all customers and stakeholders to provide a customer first personalised service experience.

What does AFGD do?

We are a Religious Charitable Development Fund (RCDF) that is able to carry out investment, transactional and finance like activities similar to a small regional based credit union. In summary we are the core investment and financing arm for the Diocese. The profits we generate are distributed to the Diocese to assist with administration, mission and ministry. 

Our Objectives

  • Provide financial products on a competitive basis
  • Provide wider value to the Anglican Community
  • Maintain professional governance and regulatory compliance
  • Invest ethically
  • Provide professional and personalised customer service
  • Provide commercially competitive lending and investment returns to our customers


“To be the trusted financial services provider of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton, enabling ministry growth.”


“Supporting the Mission, Vision, Educational and Charitable works of the Anglican Diocese of Grafton.”

Values - our core values are:

We are     Responsive

We are     Reliable

We shall   Respect all